Gavotte 1 from Cello Suite V – J.S. Bach

Four years ago, Sept. 11, 2010, I decided to take up classical guitar, thanks to the inspiration of violist, Rachel Galvin, who teamed-up with me for a presentation on Bach’s Cello Suites at the Institute of World Culture. It was a sudden decision, and I’ve stuck with it. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. I was 49 when I started. I purchased the Yamaha G-231 twenty-eight years earlier, with a strong desire to learn classical guitar. But initial attempts were too frustrating. I thought mistakenly for nearly 3 decades, “Oh well. Not for me. Too bad.” But the Yamaha waited . . . and waited . . . and pounced like a puma.
Much thanks goes to a dedicated guitarist and excellent instructor, Mike Witt, who gave me more than two years of solid instruction, and nurtured my confidence.  

2 thoughts on “Gavotte 1 from Cello Suite V – J.S. Bach

    1. joemiller Post author

      Thank you, Kind Sir, for dropping by and giving a listen. There must be a thread running all the way back to a time in 7th grade when I took up trumpet, thanks to the support of a friend of mine who took up saxophone. “West Coast Passage” almost rings a bell . . . somewhere . . . somehow . . .


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